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"challenges racial prejudice through creations full of Afro-Brazilian and indigenous references"

A trajectory filled with positive energy, which delivers truth, love and joy in each garment made. “Believe in your Axé” is a philosophy of life, which is not in the material field but which interferes in Isaac Silva's creations, deliveries and results. A spirituality that brought to the stylist's professional life an atmosphere of calm and prosperity felt by anyone who consumes his fashion.

There are five years of history of a young activist brand, which challenges racial prejudice through creations full of Afro-Brazilian and indigenous references. Born in Barreiras, a city in the interior of Bahia, 800 kilometers from Salvador, the stylist has become the darling of celebrities like Elza Soares and Gaby Amarantos.

With a background in Fashion Design and Management, Isaac Silva is also a clothing production technologist. It currently has its own eponymous brand, which has become a fever among influencers, fashionistas and artists.


(Founder and stylist)

With an easy smile and positive energy, this is our boss and stylist at the head of the Isaac Silva brand.



Attentive, dedicated and spontaneous Aninha is the business card of the Isaac Silva physical store. She will receive you with all the affection in the world and show you the best look option for your lifestyle.

Máquina de costura


As a detailler, Miguel is responsible for providing a perfect finish on the pieces.

Ferramentas de costura

(Modelist and Pilot)

The stylist's right-hand man, Ivan brings Isaac Silva's creations to life.

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